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New Table Saw! Hitachi C10RJ Portable Band Saw -- The Ultimate Review Part 1 of 3

Hitachi History And Hitachi Table Saw Review Part 1

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Hitachi History And Table Saw Review In March 2011, Hitachi consented to offer its disk drive subsidiary, HGST, to Western Digital (WD) for a mix of money and shares worth US$ 4.3 billion. Due to issues of a duopoly of WD and Seagate Innovation by the EU Commission and the Federal Trade Commission, Hitachi's 3.5" HDD department was offered to Toshiba. The deal was finished in March 2012.
Hitachi went into talks with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries in August 2011 about a possible merger of the two business, in exactly what would have been the biggest merger in between 2 Japanese business in history. The talks consequently broke down and were suspended.
In October 2012, Hitachi accepted get the United Kingdom-based atomic energy business Horizon Nuclear Power, which prepares to build as much as 6 nuclear reactor in the UK, from E.ON and RWE for ₤ 700 million.

In November 2012, Hitachi and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries consented to combine their thermal power generatio…